Thursday, March 26, 2009



MY HUSBAND BOUGHT OUR 5 YEAR OLD SON HIS OWN TRUCK! A 68' FORD! Okay, okay, it barely runs, needs a major paint job, and a little body work but COME ON. He says it will be something for him to learn on and a way to bond together. 

Okay, maybe it sounds like a good idea. But wait...I foresee a curious boy going to try and DRIVE this truck that his father says is his.....I'm scared to death. I've been promised the battery will be taken out while John is not around and the wheels blocked. Not sure that is good enough for me. I'm paranoid. 

Ryan's also been promised it will be a 100% finished classic when they are done. Hopefully that won't take 20 years. 

Not much really going on here lately other than the truck which will arrive on Sunday. Ryan finally got his appointment to spend the night with the sleep center on the 14th. He seems pretty excited about it. Choose his daddy to stay with him. 

Just a few crafts I've been working on for Hannah. She picked out the fabric, but hasn't seen them yet. I can't wait to see what she thinks. Just standard pillow case dress patterns used. Also, bows to match. 


  1. Wow wow wow wow! Now that I have collected myself I can say the dresses are awesome. Now about that truck...Is this a case of an excuse to BUY and old truck in the guise of giving it to your son?? By the way, I have always wanted one of the old gangster cars with the big curvy fenders and the suicide doors... :)

  2. Great work on the dresses and the bows. You have amazing talent. As for John, God knows the perfect matches for people, seriously. If he were my husband, with all that he pulls, we'd be divorced LOL I hope he keeps his word and keeps that battery OUT Of the truck. Just like Ryan, Julian would think 'its mine I should be able to drive it' LOL

  3. I love sewing when my kids were little. We all had matching outfits, coordinated in a way that kept my son from looking like a wuss...I love the truck thing, although I share your same concerns. I bought my son 'old' tonka trucks once and we re-finished them to look like brand new. I feel it does give them a bonding and also a good sense of character towards spending money!

    I tried to come here once and it seemed blocked so maybe you were just getting it going, so I had seen it before...

    Wish I had pics of my clothes I made, but cameras were not good back 100 years ago :)

  4. CUTE, CUTE AND MORE CUTE!!!!! Those dresses are unbelievable! I have a new driver (my son) so your husband is way ahead of having a teenage driver. I admire his ability to think for the future? I have been married 24 years, so I know all the husband "tricks!!" At least it will keep him busy!!