Sunday, March 8, 2009

Spring Forward

More than just moving the clocks ahead an hour. This year it means a lot more. 

I've made a pact with myself to do a little spring cleaning within. To look inward, not to fix my imperfections...I'm no saint by any means. Just to clean up with self improvements. It's a mile long list that I plan to take a step at a time. One of those is to learn new crafts. I've always wanted to learn to knit, crochet, wood crafts, and gardening just to name a few. I really enjoy the pride you have after completing a project and making things yourself. 

I can now check off knitting. I haven't knitted a large project yet, but I have taught myself all stitches and how to follow most all patterns. 

Wash cloths for Hannah and Mark. These thing make the best cloths to wash your face! Gentle on the skin yet great for scrubbing! Love them. 

I can also check off wood crafts. I've taken a blank slate and created a recipe box. Although I'm not completely finished with it. It still is usable and most of all I love it. Okay okay...its not the prettiest thing in the world but I did it still needs another clear coat and I actually need to let it dry this time before I touch it. I'm to much of a kid and just can't wait. I really enjoyed doing this...and now have millions of ideas running through my head. 

 Of course it has a rooster...I just couldn't help myself. 

On another note. The weather has turned snow, no ice..we have beautiful 80 degree weather this week. We had the best Sunday just playing in the yard with the kids, walking super fab pooch Holly, and of course a trip to Hobby Lobby and Ben Franklin with Hannah. We have so many craft ideas I'm afraid we are going to drive my husband crazy...or broke. Probably both. Lord help him when I finally start my garden. 


  1. The rooster is lovely! I am going to take pictures of ours pretty soon. One is actually starting to grow tail feathers again. Both of ours have been tailless for several months now. They look ridiculous! Kudos on the knitting!

  2. Wow! 80 degrees! It's still cold here, your lucky. I love the rooster!