Thursday, March 26, 2009



MY HUSBAND BOUGHT OUR 5 YEAR OLD SON HIS OWN TRUCK! A 68' FORD! Okay, okay, it barely runs, needs a major paint job, and a little body work but COME ON. He says it will be something for him to learn on and a way to bond together. 

Okay, maybe it sounds like a good idea. But wait...I foresee a curious boy going to try and DRIVE this truck that his father says is his.....I'm scared to death. I've been promised the battery will be taken out while John is not around and the wheels blocked. Not sure that is good enough for me. I'm paranoid. 

Ryan's also been promised it will be a 100% finished classic when they are done. Hopefully that won't take 20 years. 

Not much really going on here lately other than the truck which will arrive on Sunday. Ryan finally got his appointment to spend the night with the sleep center on the 14th. He seems pretty excited about it. Choose his daddy to stay with him. 

Just a few crafts I've been working on for Hannah. She picked out the fabric, but hasn't seen them yet. I can't wait to see what she thinks. Just standard pillow case dress patterns used. Also, bows to match. 

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Tomorrow has to be better...

Not much sleep last night. I stayed up watching my scary shows and knitting. I finally had to put it down, I turned off the lamp, and tossed for a good hour before I finally found sleep. Then at 4:30 John woke me up telling me that mom wanted me to call 911. This of course scared the crap out of me. I went to her and found that she had fallen again. Poor mama. Her medicine has her all out of whack. So I do call 911...they come and leave. It's now after 5:00 a.m. After a hot cup of coffee I try to go back to sleep. When the kids get up for school, I could barely help Hannah with her hair, I was so exhausted.

I spent the day being lazy on the couch, playing with Mark and finishing up my knitting project and watching this crazy show called "Doctor Who"...Mark hid the remote somewhere and since I was so "SMART" to block the manual buttons from the kids, the channel stayed there all day. Seemed like a nice enough day to be lazy. 

Then the phone rings. It's the kids school. I answer thinking it was Ryan's kindergarten teacher wanting to talk to me about his hysterics over bugs. They are having a hard time keeping him calm on the playground. Poor bud thinks the creepies are going to haul him off and eat him. He loves playing outside, but in order to do so he has to layer his clothes and socks like battle armor so the "bugs" don't get him. I swear he is going to expire from heat stroke this summer in 100 degree weather wearing sweat pants, a sweater, long socks, a toboggan and boots to go play "farmer Bubbie" in the front yard. 

Well, its not his teacher. Its the assistant principle. Of course the worst runs through your mind. Deathly illness, forgot to wear clean underwear...but you don't expect a behavioral issue. That that it was. Ryan had got written up on the bus for hitting another child who was bullying him. Had he tattled on the boy instead he would have not gotten in trouble. Ryan admitted to hitting him but that is all the principle could get from him stating that his story changes. Well of course it does you nit wit. If you had looked into his file you may learn a little bit more about him. He can't tell you his last thought, let alone what happened on the bus yesterday. His delays make the normal 5 year old selective memory a thousand times worse. 

We will call this boy Micheal. I then asked if this other boys name was Micheal. Of course it was. The same 3rd grader who has been bullying kindergartners. Then the bad mother rears her ugly head and for a second I had pride in my son. He knocked this bully down a peg or two. Stood up for all 5 year old who have suffered from being called a poopoo head or a stupid dung hole all year. Not only that but he has really taken to pointing out all Ryan's faults to the school bus. His stuttering and other speech imperfections, tics and sensory overloads. I was glad he stood up for himself. 

Then that second passed and utter embarrassment over flowed. My baby hit another child. Of course we handled it at home...but then every now and then that pride comes back for a second. 

The other news was a letter from the school sent home. It was what we already knew...what we knew before Ryan started school. He is not meeting grade expectations and will have to repeat. It shouldn't have brought me down. I knew this already, but still you always hold on to that hope that it won't happen. Oh well, its not the end of the world and he will benefit more from repeating. We would have held him back and not started him until this coming year if we could have...damn IEP services. The system is not set up well for very young E.C children in our state. 

On a happy note...I'M A SUPER HERO! this fun game from my friend Julia at Our Simple Life.  Hero Factory  It took my mind off the day. I've been playing around with it for an hour. I wish I really was a super woman! 

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Spring Forward

More than just moving the clocks ahead an hour. This year it means a lot more. 

I've made a pact with myself to do a little spring cleaning within. To look inward, not to fix my imperfections...I'm no saint by any means. Just to clean up with self improvements. It's a mile long list that I plan to take a step at a time. One of those is to learn new crafts. I've always wanted to learn to knit, crochet, wood crafts, and gardening just to name a few. I really enjoy the pride you have after completing a project and making things yourself. 

I can now check off knitting. I haven't knitted a large project yet, but I have taught myself all stitches and how to follow most all patterns. 

Wash cloths for Hannah and Mark. These thing make the best cloths to wash your face! Gentle on the skin yet great for scrubbing! Love them. 

I can also check off wood crafts. I've taken a blank slate and created a recipe box. Although I'm not completely finished with it. It still is usable and most of all I love it. Okay okay...its not the prettiest thing in the world but I did it still needs another clear coat and I actually need to let it dry this time before I touch it. I'm to much of a kid and just can't wait. I really enjoyed doing this...and now have millions of ideas running through my head. 

 Of course it has a rooster...I just couldn't help myself. 

On another note. The weather has turned snow, no ice..we have beautiful 80 degree weather this week. We had the best Sunday just playing in the yard with the kids, walking super fab pooch Holly, and of course a trip to Hobby Lobby and Ben Franklin with Hannah. We have so many craft ideas I'm afraid we are going to drive my husband crazy...or broke. Probably both. Lord help him when I finally start my garden. 

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Have a nice day, Ma'am

Yesterday was the typical Friday. Mark, my youngest crumb snatcher and I out running errands. I stop by the bank because the hubby has the card and check book.

Our second stop was the dreaded Walmart for prescriptions and grocery shopping. As I stand in line holding the cart. Mark sucking his thumb, scowling at everyone who looks in his direction while digging his toes into mama's stomach. 

Next person in line moves up to the counter. I inch my cart a little more forward trying not to knock the lady in front of me in the rear, while trying to save my own bum from the bumper cart behind me. 

Finally its my turn. I move forward, angle my cart out of the way, and removing Marks toes from my stomach. He scowls even harder at the cute young girl behind the pharmacy counter. I smile...

Me:    "Kendra Wagner...W.a.g.N.e.r, There should be three."

She turning, finding the W's. Of course mine are in the back. She counts.

Cute teenie tech: "Yes, three today"

Ring, Ring Ring...and the price on the register reads $12.00. Oh, how I love insurance. I find my wallet, pull out a $100.00 bill. Mark reaches for my wallet and pulls, he wants to chew on the pretty read leather. I pull back...I prefer he didn't. He gives a puffy lip and scowls at me. I turn and hand the bill to the Teenie pharm tech cheerfully. She looks strangely at the bill. Holds it up to the light.

Me: stupid joke "I just made it this morning."

Pulls it down again...looks more closely. Then holds it up to the light again. Finally....

Cute teenie Tech: "I'm sorry Ma'am, but this is fake"

No she didn't just call me MA'AM!

Me: "What? I was kidding!"

Cute teenie Tech: "Sorry ma'am, but this isn't real." 

Me: "What? What do you mean not real?"

Cute teenie tech: "I don't see the head on the other side."

Glancing behind me at all the faces scowling at me as if I'm a criminal and have the audacity to hold up the line. 

Me: "It came from the bank, it has to be real." 

Cute Teenie Tech: handed it back "Sorry ma'am, NEXT!"

I wonder dazed out of the pharmacy into the crowded aisle. Still ticked she called me ma'am...and because of the scene of course. I know its real. It looks real to me. I head to the the front registers with money in hand.

I see a friendly face I know and explain what happened. She takes her black money marker and marks the bill. Its real. She calls the manager, she comes to walk me over to the pharmacy. She pulls the teenie tech aside. Speaking to her as if she was 3 inches tall and dumber than a box of painted rocks. 

Cute Teenie Tech: "It doesn't have the 3D image" (so I guess someone told her what the OTHER FACE, was actually called)

Manager: "It's an old bill"

Cute Teenie Tech: "But, its not real...there is no image"

Manager: "IT'S AN OLD BILL."

This goes on for a few minutes. The manager finally pushing her aside and rings me up. Takes my bill, gives change... 

Me: "Thank you"

Manager : "Sorry for all the trouble, I hope you have a nice day MA'AM."

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Who knew?

It's been a little over two years since we have struggled with finding Ryan the right doctors and therapist. We finally have a doctor who understands and after over a year of trial and error, prescription after prescription...we have found the right med combo for him. It works. Who knew under all those issues how amazing he is. This combo really works for him. Brings out all his positive qualities. I am so excited. He is just such a joy to be around now. Ready and willing to learn and help. Playing like normal little boys do. I am loving each and every moment now spent with him. 

The latest culprit is anxiety. Who knew? Who knew that he suffered from this? I should have known since it does run predominate in our family. Now that it is under control he is free to enjoy the simple pleasure most boys do. I finally have my sweet angel back. Prayers were answered. 

Monday, March 2, 2009

New Home

Just a new blog home. Since food and recipes have taken over Homegrown Housewife, I found it necessary to create a new space for other topics. I have transferred all none food related post here so you can still read archives. This way Food Buzz and don't have to weed through to find the YUMMY stuff. LOL 

About the title. It's fitting, even my mother would say. I often sit on the porch and read while watching my three children run amuck in the front yard. I sit there with book in hand and a tall glass of sweet tea, trying to read the same page over and over. I get side tracked by day dreams of what my children will be, their futures and the promises they give. That is until they call me down to help chase fireflies or get the four wheeler out of the mud. 

Anyway, hope you all enjoy the view from my front porch.