Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Two New Babies....

My daughter is well beyond outgrowing her children's furniture. We are going to move her to the secondary master bedroom. With her being our only girl, we feel that deserves her own bathroom. Who wants to share with two little brothers if you don't have too right? Yuck..enough said. 

So our week has been spent looking at new paint colors and "big girl" dressers. I'm trying to save a little dough and check out craigslist for a good deal. In doing that one day...I happened to just look at the pets section. And what did I find you ask? Sweet little ole Violet looking for a new home. She being a 5 month old Puggle, needed to find a new loving home. We already have a pup named Holly that we adopted or that should say...adopted us. So yes...I was just a little insane when I hit that email address wanting to know if Miss Violet still wanted a new home. Heck we JUST got Miss Holly house broken. I know I'm gluten for self punishment

Of course we got the call back that we were to late. Others beat me to the punch. I moved on and kept to the furniture section. 

Low and behold...the next day we get an email that Miss Violet is still needing a forever home. The people that were planning to take her never showed. I jumped on the phone and set up a meeting place to met her and see if we suited her taste. 

She took to us at first sight....she has been with us a week now and fits in with our family perfectly. She is 90% house broken already...so sweet and gentle with the kids and has made Holly her adopted sister or partner in crime. I say that because they've already ganged up on me and ripped me off of a pound and a half of sliced deli meat and managed to roll in 50 lbs of mud before running back into the house to spread their brown gold all over the family room and kitchen. Its fun bathing two nasty muddy dogs and trying to fend off a toddler who wants to join in the fun. 

With that said...she makes the best foot warmer at night and she keeps your lap warm and toasty during the day. We love her dearly. We've also renamed her...Meet Miss Layla Violet Wagner. 

My second baby is my new sewing machine...I've begged for a new one for what seems like ages! 


  1. Remember when you didn't even want Holly? What was that you said... Oh yeah, "I am not a dog person!!" My how times have changed! She is adorable and would have had me at hello as well.

  2. How sweet!!! And cool sewing machine!

  3. There's a dog here that needs a home. Her owners emailed and don't want her back (We were watching her while they were deployed.) Sigh. Sigh. Sigh.
    I want a sewing machine and a temporary nanny so I can have time to try it out.