Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Good, The Bad, and The Cruddy

I consider myself a clean person and I keep my home in order. Dirt and clutter make me (more) insane. I get depressed and even more lazy if I don't keep on top of things. So I have a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly cleaning schedule list and I'm 98% perfect about keeping it checked off. Okay, I lied...maybe 75%....

However.....the refrigerator is my nemesis. I just hate taking out the shelves and really scrubbing them. Moving all the food, produce, and millions of little things that tend to pile up. I tend to just do a weekly wipe down and let it go...

Since my refrig is on the bare side and I really need to go shopping I thought I would get off my lazy bum and do a deep clean. Toss out the mess and really scrub it down. You know the four month old sour cream, the moldy green pepper that tried to commit suicide in the crisp drawer, and of course the millions of condiment bottles hanging out on the side...don't all have it. Come on...admit it....there ya go....welcome to normalcy. 

This is what was hidden behind the drawers and the crud build up (one weeks worth) on the shelves....Southern Sweet Tea is the house wine of the south...but it's a horror on refrigerator shelves...and onion skins are sneaky little noids. I really think they had a plan of attack in the works for the next person to venture into the white abyss. 

So my fellow bloggers...I am normal (I think)...and I'm not perfect. I had the crud. Wonder what I'll find the next time I venture down me...I will be awhile, but at least now I know I won't be attacked at least for the next month. 


  1. I'm afraid I'm not too great about keeping my refrigerator super clean, I try. But what I hate the most is doing dishes! Can't wait until my daughter can reach the sink :)

  2. LOL...goodness knows what I did before I had a dishwasher. I hate unloading it...I get my 6 year old to do it. LOL...she gets 50 cents per chore...and I get a free dishwasher...good deal in my book. Well its almost free...she doesn't load it. But only because I'm funny about how its loaded.

  3. I think we have the same model refrigerator! I did some cleaning out and throwing away this past weekend. Lots of fun! Now we have a clean palate to start over.

  4. You guys have me laughing over that not why we have kids 5 Star? at least that is what my father used to rib us about, and oh how I love that word mom must have said that about us when it was bath time each day!

    Now I have to go face my fridge :(, have you ever thought about how we recycle dirt from cleaning in to the dump...makes me feel better :)

  5. Oh MY goodness I don't even want to think about my too is my nemesis.

    I am funny about how the dishwasher is loaded too. Every time the hubby does it I go back and redo it!

    Is it against child labor laws that my 3-year old sous chef helps me unload and I don't pay her?

    ;) amy

  6. Nah, the law just says you have to provide some form of medical care...get some band-aids and soap and I think you're good to go.

    Familial child labor is okay. LOL

  7. I went into my fridge earlier this week -- like you I found some not so pretty messes. At some point someone spilled jalapeno peppers and their juice (Canned) and just wiped it up but didn't bother to get the mess that dribbled down the back of the fridge and under the drawer and turned into something that seemed baked on .. disgust! Oh how I should have snapped a pic to make you love your little mess there!

  8. I'd be happy if somebody took the time to wipe up something they spill in the fridge! I don't find out until I try to left something off the shelf and it sticks! Nice huh.

  9. Yup, Bunny...thats my house. Between three kids who don't care and a husband who just can't be bothered..its a mess.