Saturday, February 28, 2009

Interviewing the Crumb Snatchers

I saw this cute kid's interview at Our Simple Life and had to play along. I interviewed both both Hannah and Ryan. But of course Ryan's dance contest with his favorite pals Tuggie and Uncle Rodgie took precedence over talking with momma, I had to wait until it was finished. BTW, Tuggie and Uncle Rodgie are his stuffed dog and Pooh Bear.

Hannah is 6 going on 19.  Ryan is 5, but has PDD/NOS and a mile long list of delays, so if his answers are a little off. 

1. What is something your mom always says to you?

Hannah- "Broken Bones or Bleeding" (This took me a minute to understand what she was saying. Then it dawned on me that I do say something like a least three times a day. When she and Ryan fight I try not to play referee. Heck if I did, I could get nothing else accomplished. So I tell them I don't want to hear any tattling or fussing unless someone has a broken bone or is bleeding. I guess that throws me out of the running for mother of the year, huh?)

Ryan- "Listen to them"

2.What makes your mom happy?

Hannah- "For us to get along" (LOL, yeah, with Hannah and Ryan only being 14 month minute they are best friends, then the next they have contracts out on each other...any mother knows how annoying that is)

Ryan- "Make them a treat, like I'm doing now"

3. What makes your mom sad?

Hannah- "When you don't get anything for your birthday" (Guess my husband is out for Husband of the year. Nah, she is forgetting my new apron.)

Ryan- "Make..hurt you" (we have bad days)

4. How does your mom make you laugh?

Hannah - "Just wait...I'll show you" She got the bunny teeth. Little teeth that forgot to be put back into the Cooties game...I was just being silly one day...

Ryan- "Play the banjo" (Tickle game, hold their arms and play the banjo by tickling their underarms to silly tunes like Oh Suzanna LOL)

5. What did your mom like to do when she was a child?

Hannah - "Play with her farm set." (I think she is talking about the Little People set I was talking about this morning)

Ryan- "Play"

6. How old is your mom?

Hannah - "Uhhhh 30!" (No, I'm staying 29 forever!!!)

Ryan- "6"

7. How tall is your mom?

Hannah - "51." (HUH?)

Ryan- "This big" (About 5 inches)

8. What is her favorite thing to do?

Hannah - "Knit" (Yeah, this week)

Ryan-"Uhhh, put up my heart" (Huh?)

9. What does your mom do when you're not around?

Hannah - "Clean the house" (Yeah, pretty much..until they get older then child labor will be's why I had them...totally kidding...well just a little LOL)

Ryan- "Make me a treat"

10. If your mom becomes famous, what will it be for?

Hannah- "baking" (Look out Betty Crocker)

Ryan- "me" (This makes me a little nervous LOL)

11. What is your mom really good at?

Hannah - "What are you really good at?" (Thanks for the ego boost baby girl)

Ryan-"I'm hungry"

12. What is your mom not very good at?

Hannah - "Needlepoint" (Um, yeah...I bought her a childs needlepoint kit the other day...for ages 6 and up. I must be 4 because I couldn't do it...)

Ryan-"being sad"

13. What does your mom do for her job?

Hannah - "You don't have a job" (If she only knew LOL.)

Ryan-"clean up my room" (No sir! LOL)

14. What is your mom's favorite food?

Hannah - "Shrimp" (Bingo!)

Ryan-"Roast beef"

15. What makes you proud of your mom?

Hannah - "You're going to make me a Butterfly cloth" (knitting pattern)

Ryan-"I give you a hug"

16. If your mom were a cartoon character, who would she be?

Hannah - "Mrs Spider from Sunny Patch"  (Works for me.)

Ryan-"A teenager" (I wish I had the boobs I did back then...they do make good knee warmers now)

17. What do you and your mom do together?

Hannah - "Have fun."

Ryan-"play and make cakes"

18. How are you and your mom the same?

Hannah - "We act the same."

Ryan-"Your pants have snowflakes on it"

19. How are you and your mom different?

Hannah - "We don't wear the same clothes"

Ryan- "We are different sizes"

20. How do you know your mom loves you?

Hannah - "Because no matter what I do she loves me...she is part of my family" (AWWW)

Ryan-"Because I love her back"

21. What does your mom like most about your dad?

Hannah - "He is fun to cuddle up with"

Ryan-"Because he is silly"

22. Where is your mom's favorite place to go?
Hannah - "Grocery Store and Hobby Lobby" (I sound exciting don't I)

Ryan-"The beach and the market"

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Don't you dare laugh!

Stop...stop it now...I worked hard on these. Yes, there are holes, yes they are ugly and yes...the one on the right is large enough to wash a hippo. 

I'm in the process of teaching myself to knit again. I tried before with no success. Some of you are familiar with the giant baby booties. For those that aren't...lets just say they would be to big for the Jolly Green Giant. This time I have the stitches down, just need to practice. Okay, I need a LOT of practice. These are just a few cloths I practiced following patterns with. The red one has a rooster on it. The blue is a Snoopy wash cloth for my son Ryan. He adores anything "snewfy" as he calls it. He loved it so much, even with all its imperfections, and it took about 20 minutes of compromising with him this morning getting him to NOT take it to school. 

I want to thank Stephanie over at A Close Knit Family for helping me get back on the horse. And for letting me annoy her beyond reason with late night IMs and begging for example videos. I promise I'll keep at it and will make you day. LOL

For now, I'll keep knitting wash and dish cloths...

I still hear snickering people. You know you want one of my fancy smancy knitted Snewfy wash cloths. 

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Trash to treasure finds

Yesterday while out doing errands uptown, I came across a consignment store that I had passed by many times without giving it a second glance. The thought popped into my head that this was the perfect spot to look for a much needed sewing cabinet to fit my dinosaur of a machine. They of course had many second hand machines at great price, no cabinets or craft tables on hand. I did spot the items above however. They may look like junk at first glance...but I see potential. 

The rabbit is handmade...probably someones first try at the pattern. They did a wonderful job and it is brand new. No use to be seen. Stiff starched fabric makes me guess it was created with love within the last year. The dress is girlie and classic. Perfect for my daughter for Easter. I foresee many tea parties with this 75 cent deal! I'll fit her with an apron, bloomers, more decorative ribbons, and she will be perfect. 

The basket was $1.00. I needed one to fit my work in progress knitting and craft fabric. Easier for me to tote it from room to room than the shopping bag I was using. Even fits my 14" needles. 

And last but not a wooden rolled note holder. My grandfather used to have one in his kitchen to write down needed items as soon as he ran low on something. I have the worst memory and always forget something while shopping. Even if I make a list. This way my list is already made and ready to go anytime I need to restock the pantry. It has some wear and tear on it. I'll restain it or paint it to coordinate with my kitchen, and maybe even decoupage it with some pretty scrap paper. Cost...$1.00

Monday, February 16, 2009

A Homegrown Valentine's Day

Valentines Day really isn't a holiday we take notice of. For my husband and I it really is for young couples in puppy love or for the materialistic minds who just want another day to receive or give gifts. We don't feel it necessary to give each other a pat on the back for buying nasty heart shaped chocolates, over priced flowers, or silly musical plush animals who sing repulsive lovey dovey bubble gum pop songs. 

I'm not saying we are one of "those" couples who claim to shout from the rooftops how wonderful we find each others company or that we deeply profess our love each and every day of the year. We just don't need that calendar marked day to say I love you. We do it in simple ways. For instance my husband really isn't an expressive man. He isn't shy or dull by any means. He just doesn't give compliments freely and rarely does he voice emotions. That is except to me in private. He shows me by wrapping his arms around my waist when I'm cooking and nuzzles my neck, he covers me up in the morning after I've kick the blankets off, he strokes my hair when he thinks I've fallen asleep in the crook of his arm...its those little things. That's how we show each other how deep our love is. To the world he can be cold and reserved, but to me he is my mushy little teddy bear. I take those every day moments as my gift over candy and flowers. 

We didn't even see each other Valentines Day, other than a few minutes. He worked then took our oldest son to a Monster Truck show. I spent the evening with our daughter Hannah. Together she and I sat and talked to Nana, made pizza and had a girly night full of Pixie Hollow fairies and making a pinkalious Valentines Cake. She of course wanted to do it all herself and she did a fabulous job. Next lesson is to teach her to do decorative icing. This time she was perfectly happy with frosting, sprinkles, and candy hearts. 

Late that evening after the truck show, when all the kids were in husband and I spent a few moments talking about our day and the moments we had one on one with the kids. Me laying on his chest, listening to his heart beating, he tucking a strand of hair behind my ear...the contented made the perfect Homegrown Valentines Day. 

Monday, February 2, 2009

The Pink Polka Dotted Princess and the Big Boy Bed

So I'm not really a fan of football. While daddy was busy watching the game with the boys, Hannah and I decided to pass by the boredom with letting her try out my new bath products and lotions. She also requested a manicure. You know she had to pick pink polka dots to match her jammies

Master Curly top also decided that he was to big to sleep in his crib any longer. 18 months and he moves like a member of the NYC swat team escaping and scaling anything within site. So he has moved on to his big boy bed. Now if he will just sleep in it and not with the super fab pooch. Holly likes her bed to herself.